Where Can You Find a Replacement Motor for a Workforce THD 850 Tile Saw?

Chervon Power Tools sells motors and other replacement parts for the THD 850 Tile Saw. Workforce tile saws come with a one-year warranty; Chervon replaces defective motors without charge if the saw is under warranty.

Chervon sells replacement parts for the THD 850 Tile Saw, such as motors, washers, screws, frames, brackets and flanges. The motor sold by Chervon, as of June 2014, is $108.65 if the saw is no longer under warranty; its part number is 6129018, and the key numbers are 38, 45, 60 and 61. The motor can be ordered on Chervon’s website or by calling Chervon at 866-513-6723. The saw’s motor capacity is 7A, 1 ¼ horsepower.