How Can You Replace Your MTA Senior Card?

The Metropolitan Transit Authority in New York City replaces senior cards or reduced-fare MetroCards via an online application located on MTA.Info under Customer Self-Service, MetroCard eFix: File a MetroCard claim and Lost or Stole Reduced-Fare MetroCard. To replace a MetroCard by phone, dial 511, say “MTA,” “Subway and buses,” and follow the prompts.

Visit the MetroCard Customer Service Center or any MetroCard bus or van to report your MetroCard lost or stolen. The MTA deactivates your current MetroCard and mails you a new one, which may potentially take four weeks to reach you.

If you’re using the online application to replace a stolen or lost reduced-fare Metrocard with a picture on it, you must supply your current mailing address, date of birth, last four digits of your Social Security number, date the card was lost or stolen, and the approximate time of the incident. You must also declare the approximate amount of money or time on the lost card.

Click Save after entering all of the required fields on the online application. If you obtain your reduced-fare MetroCard via the Easy Pay Program, you must report it lost or stolen by telephone. You can still travel by train or bus at a reduced fare until your new MetroCard arrives. Show your valid ID to a bus operator or a subway station agent. A pre-1995 MetroCard reduced-fare ID card, a New York City Department of Aging ID card, an Access-A-Ride ID card and a Medicare card are each acceptable forms of ID.