How Can You Remove Puffy Paint?

To remove water soluble puffy paint, clean the surface with water and cleaner. Permanent puffy paint cannot be removed once it is dry, so immediate treatment is required.

Different kinds of puffy paints and stained objects require different kinds of cleaning. Water soluble puffy paints such as Crayola Puffy Paint are easier to remove and can wash away with warm water and cleaning solution. Permanent fabric paint is more or less impossible to get out of fabric after it has dried.

Crafters can wash away water soluble puffy paint from different surfaces in various ways. For clothing or fabric, wash the item in hot or very warm water with regular laundry detergent. Stubborn stains may require stain remover. For hard surfaces such as tables, walls or wood floors, clean the surface with warm water and a clean cloth. Remove excess paint with glass cleaner. For carpet, clean the area with carpet cleaner.

Permanent puffy paints such as Tulip Puffy Dimensional Fabric Paint are meant to handle washing and wear, which makes them almost impossible to get out. If this kind of paint gets into clothing, upholstery, hard surfaces or carpets, wash the area immediately with soap and water. It is important to clean the stain while the paint is still wet, otherwise it can permanently set.