How Can I Remove Ash Toner From My Blonde Hair?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Mar 30, 2020 7:37:18 PM ET

While there are a variety of different ways to rid your blond hair of an ash toner, the most common and effective way is to counteract the undesired ash tone with a warm tone. Identify the specific shade of your hair, and then choose a warm tone that counteracts it.

  1. Identify the shade of ash in your hair

    If you are going to counteract the undesired ash tone with a warm tone, you must first be able to identify the underlying shade of ash in your hair. A color wheel can help with this. Holding your hair up to the wheel, determine whether the hue is blue, violet or green.

  2. Choose the correct warm toner

    Once you have determined the underlying shade of ash in your hair, use the color wheel to help you decide which warm tone to use. For example, if the ash toner appears blue or violet, the best warm tone to use would be gold. Be sure to purchase a hair toner and not a permanent hair dye.

  3. Apply the corrective toner per instructions

    Now that you have chosen the proper warm tone, proceed to apply the toner over the areas of undesired ash tone; follow the instructions on the box. Let the toner sit on your hair for the full time frame specified on the product. Rinse and wash your hair as usual.