How Can You Recall a Sent Email in Yahoo?

Yahoo! Help explains that, unfortunately, there is no way to recall an email that has already been sent using Yahoo Mail. Microsoft’s Outlook email program does allow for the retrieval of sent email, however.

To activate this feature, Outlook users must set a rule in Outlook so that the email is first loaded to the outbox before being sent to the exchange server. When this rule is activated, users can choose a particular interval of time for the delay of the email prior to it being sent.

To add the rule, users select the “File” menu, and then choose the “Manage Rules and Alerts” button. Earlier versions of Outlook allow for this function to be accessed under “Tools” and then by clicking “Rules and Alerts.” Next, click on “New Rule,” and then “Start from a blank rule.” Users then click “Apply rule on messages I send.” Older versions may say “Check messages after sending.”

After making a selection, click on the “Next” button. The screen moves to options for basing the rule on particular circumstances. Read through them, select any that apply, and then click on “Yes.” Click the option that reads “defer delivery by a number of minutes,” and then select the number of minutes by moving the “Deferred Delivery” button arrows up or down. Once a selection is made, click on “Finish.”