How Can You Reactivate Your Yahoo! Email Account?

A Yahoo! email account can be reactivated by going to the Yahoo! sign-in page and signing in using the Yahoo! ID and password for the account. For security purposes, Yahoo! asks for account information in order to verify account ownership. Provide the requested information and then click on the reactivate button. Note that reactivation is not possible if the account was deactivated by Yahoo! because of a violation of its terms or if it was deleted by Yahoo! due to inactivity.

  1. Go to Yahoo!

    Go to the Yahoo! sign-in page. Enter the Yahoo! account user name and password. The Yahoo! system should request confirmation of the Yahoo! ID and request completion of the Captcha verification.

  2. Reactivate account

    After completing the log-in process, click on the button labeled “Reactivate.” This should reactivate the account.

  3. Register a new account if needed

    If the account is not reactivated, the account may have been deactivated due to a violation of the Yahoo! terms, or the account may have been deleted due to inactivity, which Yahoo! interprets as a failure to sign into an account at least once every 12 months. Another possibility is that a third party has deleted the account. If this is the case, you must register a new account with Yahoo!