How Can You Put Music on a Samsung Phone?

Use the drag-and-drop method on either a Windows or Mac computer to transfer your music to a Samsung phone. Alternatively, use Windows Media Player to sync your music files on a Windows PC, or upload the files to a cloud service to download onto your phone.

  1. Connect your phone

    Use the micro-USB cable that came with your phone, and connect it to the computer. When prompted, open the folder to reveal your Samsung’s contents. If you do not have a cable, upload your music files to a cloud service, and download the files directly to your phone using an app.

  2. Navigate to your music files

    Open the folder that contains your music files. For iTunes files on a Mac, locate the songs in the “iTunes Media” folder. On Windows, locate your music files in whichever folder you choose. Place the Samsung window and the computer music window beside each other for easy transfer.

  3. Transfer the files

    Drag and drop the music folder or individual songs from your computer to your Samsung phone. If you use a Mac, install the “Android File Transfer” app to assist with the process. Unplug your Samsung from the computer, and listen to your music on the phone.