What Can Be Purchased Using Meijer Gift Cards?

Meijer gift cards can be used to purchase merchandise in Meijer stores or online on the Meijer website. There are some limitations as to what can be purchased, such as not allowing the purchase of other gift cards, and they cannot be returned for cash.

Meijer stores are large retail outlets that provide products for nearly all of the customer’s needs. Available products include groceries, bath and beauty, furniture, toys, clothing, jewelry, pharmacy services and automotive care (at some stores). Customers can also purchase gift cards to use later or gift to other people to use like cash.

There are two different types of Meijer’s gift cards sold, the gift card and the food card. Meijer gift cards can be used to purchase any product sold in the store, except other gift cards and items that require cash to purchase, such as lottery tickets. Meijer food cards are limited to food purchases in the store. The store may also exclude some types of food items.

These gift cards don’t have any fees or an expiration date. Customers can purchase them and use them as needed until the balance runs out. However, gift cards cannot be used to pay off a Meijer credit card bill, and customers may be limited in using them at the pharmacy or other service centers in the store. Always ask if the gift card will be accepted before purchase.