Where Can I Purchase Kerosene Fuel?


Kerosene fuel can be purchased at hardware stores, Home Depot, Lowes and gas stations in most rural areas. Kerosene is usually sold either in 1- or 2-gallon containers or in bulk.

Kerosene is a clear fuel used primarily for heating, formed from distilled petroleum. It is used in jet engines, lamps, stoves, and space heaters. Kerosene is less flammable than gasoline, and is regulated differently. It should be stored only in blue kerosene containers, and should not be mixed with or stored in a container with gasoline.

Only certified K-1 kerosene should be bought and used. Kerosene not labeled as K-1 should not be used, as it is potentially unstable and unsafe. If buying kerosene from a pump, ensure that the pump has only been used for kerosene, and does not contain gasoline.

Kerosene is a practical fuel to store, as it is versatile and can be used for heating, cooking and lighting. It is safe to store, as it is an oil and thus not explosive. Another advantage of kerosene is that it can be stored for numerous years without considerable degradation. Moreover, it is a dense source of energy, with 1 gallon containing around 50 percent more energy than a gallon of propane.

Many fuel oil companies deliver kerosene to a customer’s home. Some also deliver a 50-gallon barrel. Gas stations in most rural areas sell kerosene from fuel pumps. When driving to a farming area, a person can likely find gas stations that offer kerosene. This fuel typically has the same price as premium gasoline.

Kerosene should be stored in barrels or a fuel oil tank. Kerosene can be purchased in 5-gallon containers and transferred to barrels for storage. It is important to buy containers of a different color, such as blue, that distinguish the fuel from other fuels in the garage. Mark the containers using a permanent black marker to ensure that the fuel can be clearly identified.