Where Can I Purchase Henri’s Salad Dressings?

As of 2014, Henri’s salad dressings are available at Walmart, ShopFoodEx, Groceries-Express and Amazon in traditional 16.9-ounce bottles. ACH Food Companies, Henri’s dressing manufacturer, offers Henri’s salad dressings in portion packs and gallon sizes. In stores, Henri’s Tas-Tee Sweet and Tangy is readily available. Some Kroger locations and some Walmart locations carry Henri’s Tas-Tee Sweet and Tangy dressing. Henri’s is less available in the Southeast.

For food service preparation, Henri’s offers gallon-sized dressings in Caesar; four varieties each of French dressing, including low- and no-fat; three varieties of Italian dressing including fat free; Tas-Tee; ranch and fat free ranch; honey mustard; Russian; and thousand island. Also available are salad dressing portion packs in fat-free and original French; fat-free and buttermilk ranch; fat-free, gourmet, and creamy Italian; and thousand island.

Henri’s provides recipes for use with its dressings, which are more versatile than topping salads alone. Henri’s dressings can be used to make sandwiches, burgers and chicken salad. The signature Tas-Tee dressing combines well with ingredients, such as mayonnaise, to create creamy coleslaw and spreads. Tas-Tee dressing is also used for chicken salad recipes while the buttermilk ranch dressing can be added to spices to create sauces and dips for appetizers.