Where Can You Purchase Canned Lobster Meat?

Shoppers can find canned lobster for sale at a variety of grocery stores and online shops that sell canned seafood. Canned lobster is a collection of lobster meat taken from the claws, knuckles and tails. The meat is canned in a salty brine liquid that acts as a natural preservative.

Canned lobster first gained popularity in America during the 1800s. Thanks to the railroads, people that did not live in coastal areas gained access to canned seafood. Back then, lobster was cheap and plentiful. In fact, before the era of canning, lobster was commonly used as fertilizer, fish bait and as an inexpensive meal for prisoners.

When more people had access to lobster, demand steadily rose. People found various ways to cook with the canned variety. It wasn’t until canned lobster became hugely popular that New England restaurants began serving fresh lobster to their patrons.

The popularity of fresh lobster has long since overtaken canned lobster. However, canned lobster continues to be packaged and distributed by companies that specialize in processing fresh seafood. Several grocery stores keep a supply on hand. Some distributors also sell canned lobster via their websites or through online shops. Cooked frozen lobster meat is used in numerous recipes.