Where Can You Purchase Apollo Heating Systems?

As of 2015, shoppers can no longer purchase new Apollo heating systems. These hydroheating systems were installed in homes during the 1990s and later, and HVAC companies such as Advantage Heating and Cooling in Vancouver, Washington service them and provide homeowners with parts.

An Apollo Hydroheat sales brochure from 2004 lists ApolloHydroheat.com as the sales website for Apollo Hydroheating systems, but as of 2015, that web address redirects to StateWaterHeaters.com, which has no Apollo Heating systems on its site or mentioned in its About Us page.

Apollo Hydroheating Systems act as both hot water heaters and forced air heaters. Rather than just holding hot water until someone needs it, Apollo Hydroheating Systems use the hot water in their tanks to heat the air surrounding the tank.

These systems have a mixing valve which mixes 140 degree water from the system’s tank with cold water to bring the water temperature down to 120 degrees before it reaches the hot water taps. This element prevents the hot water from scalding someone. These systems also have heating coils where the hot water piping and airflow combine to warm the air blowing into the home. If the heating coil fails, the water runs out of the coil, potentially ruining the electrical elements in the heating system. An emergency drip pan prevents the leaking water from getting into the home and doing any property damage.