Where Can You Find Free Printable Last Will and Testament Forms?

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There are many websites that offer free printable last will and testament forms, including Legacy Writer, All Law and Do It Yourself Documents. These sites make it easy to print out the basic last will and testament forms and complete them; however, the forms will still need to be notarized. If a more detailed or comprehensive will is needed, costs are usually involved.

A last will and testament ensures that a person’s possessions, property and money go to whomever the person decides. In short, it protects the deceased’s wishes. The most commonly used free last will and testament form is the blank one. Blank forms are already worded in the right way and just require the blanks filled in with the necessary information. There are three qualifications a person must meet legally before creating a last will and testament. He must be 18 years or older. Also, he must be competent and creating the will voluntarily. After the form is printed and filled out, it is taken to a notary where the signatures are witnessed. Experts also recommend having an attorney take a look at the will before having it notarized to ensure that the wishes expressed in the document are legal.