Where You Can Play Purple Place Cake Games?

“Comfy Cakes” is part of a trio of games that shipped with Windows Vista and Windows 7. Access the game from the games folder on computers running those operating systems. “Comfy Cakes” is absent in both Windows 8 and Windows 10.

“Comfy Cakes” is one of three educational games in the “Purble Place” collection created by Oberon Games. The main aim of “Comfy Cakes” is to try to complete bakery orders as quickly as possible using combinations of batters, shapes, pans, filling and icing. The game gets progressively harder as orders become more complex. The game ends when the player fails to make three orders.

The other games included in the collection are “Purble Shop” and “Purble Pairs.” “Purble Pairs” is a traditional matching game that tests memory and pattern recognition. “Purble Shop” tests logic and reasoning as players guess the features and characteristics of a character hidden behind a curtain.