Where Can I Play Megatouch Games on the Internet?

According to the Megatouch website, a majority of its games are only available to play at bars and on mobile devices. Megatouch makes countertop machines that allow patrons to play a variety of touchscreen games. Most of the machines are connected to Megatouch Live, which allows patrons to play more than 100 games on a single machine. Megatouch Live is not accessible from a standard Internet browser.

For people who want to play select Megatouch games on the go, the Megatouch Live website says that there are certain games available on Apple’s App Store. Games that are designed to be played on the Apple iPad include Photo Hunt HD, Herdy Bird Social HD and Monster Madness HD. Megatouch also makes Photo Hunt Social HD for the iPhone.

Customers are able to create a free account for Megatouch Live. This account allows players to keep track of specific game challenges for their favorite games. It also allows them to share high scores on Facebook. Megatouch Live accounts keep up with players’ tokens, which are a special in-game currency. Players redeem these tokens for special abilities and powers that they can use when playing Megatouch Live games. Tokens are also available to be purchased and redeemed at Megatouch game machines.