Where Can I Play “Chess Titans” Online for Free?

The Chess Titans game is available to play for free at MuchGames.com. This game is Flash-based and requires the mouse and keyboard. The user should turn off Ad Block before playing.

Personal computer users who run Windows Vista or Windows 7 have “Chess Titans” installed on their computer for free. To play the game, they need to click the Start button, and then enter “games” into the search to find the program.

“Chess Titans” is a 3-D version of the classic game that allows one person to play against the computer or two players to play against each other. In a two-player game, the game board rotates 180 degrees to give the player making the move a better view. Players can customize their board or change the rules of the game to their liking. Players can also save their games to come back to later.