How Can a Person Tell If a Burberry Bag Is Real?

Stephen Lovekin/FilmMagic/Getty Images

To determine if a Burberry bag is real or not, inspect the label inside of the bag closely. Real Burberry bags contain labels that match the color of the bag and, on the underside, they will have a code below the words “Made in Italy.”

The quality of the stitching is also a major indicator in whether the Burberry product is fake or real. Real Burberry features intricate stitching and all areas of the stitching will be perfectly uniform in appearance. Replica Burberry bags often have sloppier or contrasting stitching on different areas of the product.

Another way to determine a fake from an authentic Burberry bag is to study the pattern. A real Burberry bag will sport perfect horizontal and vertical stripes across the entire surface. On fake Burberry products, the lines are often crooked in at least one place on the bag. The quality materials used to make an authentic Burberry bag also ensure the colors never bleed. If a handbag has colors that bleed or fade dramatically, chances are it is a fake one.

Zippers on Burberry bags are another indicator of its authenticity. The zippers on real Burberry bags are higher end and will have the word “Burberry” on both sides.