How Can a Person Find Someone Who Lives in France?

France has its equivalent of the White Pages, known as Pages Blanches. It allows a user to search by a person’s name and address details, such as postal codes and city names.

To use Pages Blanches, the user should enter the person’s last name in the Nom or Qui? box and any address details, if known, in the Où? box. Clicking on Trouver brings up the search results. The Annuaire Telephonique France and Lannuaire also provide similar search engines.

French personal privacy laws are overseen by the National Data Processing and Liberties Commission, or the CNIL. In France, as of 2014, every person has a right to contact a database or other directory to find out if he or she is listed and to find out what information concerning him or her the database or directory has. Each person may also directly ask the database or directory to correct or delete his or her personal information. Additionally, the person may require that his or her information not be used for advertising or other commercial purposes. If the person is not successful in getting help from the database or directory or the database or directory does not cooperate, the person may ask the CNIL to take action on his or her behalf.