How Can I Find a Person’s Address in the UK?

Howard Kingsnorth/Stone/Getty Images

To find the address of a UK resident, either visit the British Telecom website or visit Infobel online. Insert the surname and area to extract the information. UK addresses can also be obtained from searching Google UK and sometimes are also found on Facebook.

The Royal Mail system, which is the postal system in the United Kingdom, offers mailers from international locations a guide for sending mail to UK addresses. In the United Kingdom, the return address is usually written on the back of an envelope rather than in the left-hand top corner of the stationery.

Each home or company in the United Kingdom is assigned a postal address, permitting for streamlined delivery.

The right way to address an envelope in the country is to include the addressee’s name, his company, the building name and the street address. The locality should be listed if the road name is similar to that of another road in the area.

The post town, which appears on the next line, is written in capital letters, as is the postal code which appears underneath. The country name “United Kingdom,” which is also written or typed in capital letters, appears as the final entry of the address.