How Can a Person Enter a Renault Radio Code?

A radio code on a Renault vehicle is entered by using the buttons or the stalk controls of the vehicle. The radio code is supplied by the manufacturer of the vehicle or a dealership.

Renault has a number of models, including the Clio, Twingo, Laguna, Modus, Trafic and Kangoo. Most Renault cars require the same procedure to enter the radio code. If the radio displays “Error” or “Code,” the user may need to wait about 2 hours before the code can be entered.

Step 1: Turn on the radio

If the numbers displayed are a sequence of four zeros and are flashing, the radio is ready to receive the code.

Step 2: Enter the code

Use the “1” button for the first number of the code, if using the button method of entry. Press it repeatedly until it shows the applicable digit. Repeat with the remainder of the code, using the “2” button for the second digit, and so forth. If using the stalk controls, rotate the thumbwheel for the first digit of the code, then press the number on the bottom to enter the next numbers.

Step 3: Activate the unit

If using the button entry method, press “6” to activate the unit. If using the stalk controls method, push the bottom button and hold it.