How Can a Person Get Emancipated in Ohio?

Ohio Legal Services explains that minors are automatically emancipated at age 18 or upon graduating from high school if they turn 18 during their senior year. To be emancipated before reaching age 18, a minor must either join a branch of the armed services or become married. Ohio state law does not allow a minor or the minor’s parents to petition the court for emancipation.

The Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court reports that a minor is no longer emancipated if the minor’s marriage is dissolved or the minor is removed from military service while still under the age of 18. The custody of the minor reverts back to the previous parent or guardian who had custody.

The Ohio Bar Association notes that parents can petition the court to no longer be responsible for providing financial support for a minor. This does not automatically emancipate a minor, and the parents may still be legally responsible for the minor’s actions. During the court hearing for parental removal of financial obligations, the court may rule that the minor is emancipated. A minor who becomes pregnant but does not marry is not emancipated because of the child. However, as a parent, the minor has a financial obligation to the child.