Where Can a Person Buy Moda International Clothing?

Moda International clothing is available from department stores, such as Macy’s, and from online retailers, such as Overstock and eBay. Moda’s goal is to make fashionable but professional-looking clothes.

Moda International Ltd. got its start in 2005 in Budapest, with the initial goal of offering “Italian-made quality” clothing brands to Hungarian women. The company’s first efforts centered around distributing Kartika womenswear to women in the range of 20 to 40 years of age.

A year later, the company branched into fashionable clothes deemed suitable for business by offering the Sensazioni clothing line. The Sensazioni garments went up to a size 3X without sacrificing the young, chic Moda International style. Moda International also began selling men’s and children’s clothing that year.

In 2007, Moda International added lines from two other Italian fashion houses. This allowed the company to expand the product lines offered, with similar styles, but at different price points. These new lines included both garments for women and for men.

Moda International Ltd. invested the next few years into expanding into new countries. The company I.T.G. was also added to the Moda lineup, but did not stay with the Moda International group. Since 2012, Moda International brought the AD Fashion Group into the fold, and it continues to add new collections for customers to enjoy.