How Can I Permanently Kill Grass?

There are multiple ways to kill grass permanently, such as using a chemical spray. There are also nonchemical methods like using vinegar and orange oil.

Killing grass permanently requires deciding whether to use chemicals or a natural method. Natural methods work without harming the environment; however, natural methods take a little longer to work than herbicides. Some of the methods that will kill grass permanently are :

  • Herbicides: These are harsh chemicals found in home and garden centers or feed and seed stores. These chemicals kill the grass’ roots and typically prevent them from re-growing. However, the chemicals leech into the groundwater and can kill other vegetation.
  • Newspaper: The experts at Gardening Know How’s website suggest smothering the area with newspaper. Wet the area thoroughly then cover with a thick layer of newspaper. Wet the newspaper thoroughly and if the area is for another purpose, cover in landscape fabric or mulch. The lack of sunlight will smother the grass and it will die. The newspaper will naturally decompose and add to the soil’s nutrients in the process.
  • Plastic: Plastic will do the same thing newspaper will do only it won’t decompose. Cover the area in plastic and secure with cement blocks, rocks, or other heavy items. Once the grass dies, remove the plastic.
  • Vinegar: Vinegar is a safe way to kill grass without using harsh chemicals. Spray the grassy area with white household vinegar and the grass will die in a day or two. Some gardening experts, like those at the Gardening Guides website, suggest mixing one ounce of orange oil with one gallon of vinegar to kill grass.

It is an individual choice on how to kill grass permanently. The main thing to remember is not to damage other vegetation in the area. Natural or chemical methods will leech into the ground water, which can cause future issues and problems.