How Can You View Your Pay Stub With the Medstar Health Paperless Pay System?

Employees can view their pay stubs with the MedStar Health Paperless Pay by accessing the login web portal. Login requires inputting a username and password or PIN as well as verifying a security image.

To access the Paperless Pay system used my MedStar Health, employees need to set up their usernames, passwords or PINs, and security images in advance. As of 2015, the employer provides the initial login credentials, usually by mail. Employees can then access the Paperless Pay system from any secure Internet connection.

The Paperless Pay system affords employees options for viewing their pay stubs in advance of being paid. They can choose to receive their pay via payroll cards instead of checks. They can also set up or change direct deposit information in the system.

The Paperless Pay portal provides employees with a method for changing personal information related to their payroll records. For instance, they can update their W-4 information, change their addresses and review other contact information. Most changes that don’t need approval from human resources can be made in the system.

Paperless Pay caters to the Green initiative. Because the system is all online, employers reduce the use of paper associated with checks and tax documentation.