How Can I Find Out the Year in Which My House Was Built?

Tom Merton/OJO Images/Getty Images

In order to determine the year a house was built, property owners can locate the deed or ownership documents that list the exact date the house was built. If property owners do not have the ownership documents, they can request a copy from the county clerk’s office, search the property by address or parcel number online on the clerk’s website, or visit the courthouse to request a copy.

Many homes built with unfinished basements may possess markings that indicate the year the home was built. For example, a cement wall may have a stamp of the date when the concrete was poured. In addition, evaluating and analyzing the architecture of the home’s makeup may also indicate an approximate year or decade in which the home was built. For example, certain styles of homes that were popular in the 1970s are significantly different than homes built in the 1990s.

The property deed, tax documents or transfer-of-ownership statement that was issued when the house was bought should list the date of construction as well as a list of buyers and sellers of the home. In addition, yearly real estate tax documents available from the tax assessor’s office should list the origin of the home as well as the amount of taxes paid on the home each year.