How Can You Find Out the Value of Retired Houses From Department 56?

Though Department 56 does not deal in current values of retired village houses, current values of Department 56 villages and Snowbabies can be found through Village D-Lites magazine. Village D-Lites is a subscription-based magazine that can be ordered through The subscription can be purchased in one- or two-year increments and is renewable after the subscription expires. D-Lites gives an in-depth look at newly retired pieces and current values of previously retired houses and accessories.

Another, less direct way of finding out pricing on retired Department 56 figures is to search for the piece you are looking to value. Pricing on eBay can fluctuate depending on the seller, but it is often possible to determine pricing by looking at the median of what the specific item is being sold for or what one has sold for in the past.

One site that can be used to keep up with which figures in the Department 56 collections are retired is The website is a shop that sells newly retired Department 56 village houses, accessories and Snowbabies. The website updates the retiree list every year and even offers a chance for collectors to snatch up retired figures before they are completely out of stock.