How Can I Find Out How Much Tiara Glassware Is Worth?

Online sites such as Ebay and Etsy provide current values for Tiara glassware. The values of glassware fluctuate depending on economic trends and demand for specific patterns and individual pieces. Sandwich-pattern Depression glass produced by Indiana Glass Company during the 1920s is one of the more popular patterns.

Tiara glass was manufactured by a number of companies, including Indiana Glass Company, Fenton Art Glass, L.E. Smith and Duncan & Miller. The glassware was marketed solely by Tiara Exclusives of Dunkirk, Indiana, from 1970 to 1998 by independent sales agents through home-held parties. This mostly high-standard glassware was machine-made and handmade in a wide variety of patterns and colors, including avocado, amber, ruby, dark blue and pale peach. Some patterns originally made during the Depression years were reproduced.

Elegant glass company Duncan & Miller produced a similar sandwich pattern during the 1920s. Apart from paper labels, the glassware marketed by Tiara Exclusives can’t be identified as such, with some exceptions in color variation. Over 80 different items were produced in Tiara’s amber sandwich pattern, including a complete dinnerware set and exclusive items, such as a gravy boat, lamp and rectangular butter dish. Specialty pieces were offered to hostesses of home parties as sales incentives.