Where Can I Find an Original Scuba Steve Action Figure?

Scuba Steve is a fictional toy product conceived by the comedian Adam Sandler for the 1999 film “Big Daddy.” The action-figure prop used in the film was made by the New York design studio Art Asylum.

Although Scuba Steve and his Scuba Squad play a somewhat significant role in the film, both are fabrications. Novelty items such as T-shirts and coffee mugs bearing the logo of the fictional product are available for purchase on sites such as eBay and Zazzle, but no action figures based on the character were ever released. IMDb notes that Scuba Steve from “Big Daddy” was designed to resemble a toy Adam Sandler owned when he was young – the Diver Dan action figure, which was a merchandising tie-in to the 1961 animated children’s program of the same name. There are several bath toys sold under the name Diver Dan that are available for purchase at online retailers, but none of these resemble the Scuba Steve action figure. The Action Man SCUBA Diver and the GI Joe Timeless Collection Perilous Rescue Navy Scuba Diver Frogman, both produced by Hasbro, in 1995 and 2000 respectively, are a couple of action figures similar in design to Scuba Steve that are reasonably priced for purchase on retail sites like Amazon. Most toys fitting this description, however, are vintage and are priced as collectibles.