How Can You Order Replacement Rubber O-Rings for Dentures or Dental Implants?

American Dental Accessories sells dental replacement parts and kits, including O-rings for dental implants, from its website at Some dentists also sell O-rings directly to patients who ask for them, but replacing them is typically a service provided by the dentist during a scheduled office visit.

Many online retailers only sell dental products to registered dentists, but sells them to anyone. When purchasing dental O-rings online, it is important to order the correct ring size and material, which typically requires getting the information from a dentist. A lubricant is also required to help get the rings into the right spot, which can also be purchased from

The option for purchasing the O-rings from a dentist is somewhat less viable. Dentists charge for the service of replacing O-rings, so they may be hesitant to sell the product directly to a patient. A benefit to buying the rings from a dentist is that the patient is guaranteed to get the right size and material for the O-rings, thereby ensuring that the product works as needed and fits correctly into the mouth. It is possible to ask a dentist for instructions on how to replace O-rings without having them done professionally.