How Can I Get a Free One-Day Pass for Sam’s Club?

Guests may obtain a free one-day pass to shop at Sam’s Club and get the “in-club experience.” Free passes are available online or at a Sam’s Club Membership Desk. Guests will pay an extra fee at checkout that members do not pay.

Sam’s Club typically offers its members discounted merchandise at prices comparable or slightly lower than Wal-Mart. Sam’s Club members pay annual membership fees and can purchase many items in bulk.

  1. Visit the Sam’s Club website

    Visit the Sam’s Club website to download and print a free one-day pass.

  2. Navigate to the Guest Registration page

    Get a free pass to shop through the “Invitation to Shop” on the Guest Registration page.

  3. Purchase a Sam’s Club Membership

    If you purchase a Sam’s Club membership, you can avoid paying an extra 10 percent at checkout. However, a purchase is not required in order to receive a free one-day pass.