How Can One Calculate Winning Lottery Numbers?

Iain Watson/CC-BY-2.0

There is no way to calculate or predict winning lottery numbers. However, there are online calculators that can help to calculate a person’s chances of winning the lottery.

When choosing which lottery games to play, the amount of numbers required in each game makes a difference in terms of the odds. While a larger amount of numbers required to play decreases the chances of winning, as the numbers required increases, so does the jackpot. This makes the odds of hitting a large jackpot more difficult than hitting a smaller jackpot.

For example, as of 2014, the odds of winning the Mega Millions jackpot is approximately 1 in 258 million. The odds of winning a Daily Pick 3 type drawing, where the top prize is only a few hundred dollars is about 1 in 1000. So for larger jackpot games, it’s actually much more likely that a person would get struck by lightning, than ever win the lottery.