Can a NutriBullet Replace a Food Processor?

A Nutribullet can replace a food processor. The two Nutribullet blades are very similar to those found in food processors; however, the capacity of a Nutribullet is less than most food processors.

The two blades that come with a Nutribullet include the extractor blade and the milling blade. The extractor blade is used to emulsify ingredients. This blade is ideal for breaking through seeds, stems and skin. It is good for extracting the nutritional value in fruits, vegetables and grasses. The milling blade is best used for mixing, grinding coffee or herbs, milling a variety of grains or chopping nuts.

The Nutribullet comes standard with a 600-watt high speed motor. This high-torque power base provides all the power needed to extract the nutritional benefits from a variety of traditionally hard-to-get sources. This device has the power to not only replace a food processor, but also to replace a blender and a juicer.

The main disadvantage of replacing a food processor with a Nutribullet is the capacity. Typically, food processors are best used when making recipes which call for three or more cups of either wet or dry ingredients. However, individuals interested in producing smaller quantities have all the power needed to accomplish the task with a Nutribullet.