How Can You Find Your New York State GED Test Scores?

In New York State, GED test scores can be accessed by mail or online through the New York State Department of Education’s website. The state has discontinued use of the automated phone system that allowed test takers to obtain their scores over the telephone.

To access GED test scores online, use the corresponding Social Security Number and date of birth. This information can also be used to log in to the Test Status section of the GED section of the website; once logged in, test scores can be viewed. Though scores can be printed from the site, this is not considered a replacement for a diploma or an official copy of the scores or transcript. A copy of form Attachment H can also be printed from the New York State Department of Education’s website. This form must be filled out and mailed in with payment to obtain an official copy of the test scores or diploma from the state. Currently, New York State charges $4 for a copy of either a failing or passing test score, or $10 for a copy of the test scores, transcript and an official copy of the diploma. If the GED test was taken in New York State prior to 1982, test scores may not be available online. In this case, Attachment H must be submitted through the mail to receive the scores.