How Can New Jersey Unemployment Benefits Be Extended?

Ionas Kaltenbach/Getty Images

Due to the fact that an individual’s normal benefits must run out before a certain date to be eligible for extended benefits, New Jersey’s application for extended benefits is automatic. New Jersey workers may potentially be eligible for 13 to 20 weeks of extended unemployment benefits, depending on their circumstances.

For workers to qualify for New Jersey extended unemployment benefits, they must work at least 20 weeks in their base period, at a minimum wage of $145 per week, or 40 times their weekly benefit through the entire base period. When the beneficiary’s regular benefits run out, their application is automatically submitted for extended benefits; however, the regulations for these continued benefits become more strict. Evidence of the beneficiary’s work search must be submitted every week. How many weeks of extended benefits are available to each beneficiary depends on the state’s unemployment rate at the time.