How Can You Link a New Device to an Existing Roku Account?

To link a new device to an existing Roku account, visit the Roku device linking page, and submit the Link Code that the new device displays. Users may need to first sign into Roku with their Roku account credentials by clicking the link in the page’s upper-right corner.

Users can add any Roku-enabled device to their list of existing devices using this method. The Link Code often appears on the screen when users power on the device, making it easy to locate and enter in the field provided on the Link Code page. Some devices may also include a hard copy of the code. After users enter the Link Code, pressing submit allows Roku to confirm the Link Code and add it to the list of available devices for that specific account.

New users or users who wish to use multiple Roku accounts may create a new account from the sign-in page by providing contact information and a form of payment. Roku only uses the payment source if the customer chooses to purchase channels or additional services through Roku. Users can also view a list of available channels and see what programs currently play on the Roku network by selecting those options from the sign-in page.