Where Can You Find the National Electrical Code for Free?

Contractors, homeowners, technicians and interested parties can obtain free access to the National Electric Code by creating an online account on the National Fire Protection Association’s website. As of 2015, the edition in use was published in 2014, while the next edition comes out in 2017.

Users can choose from one of several NFPA codes to view for free, including the National Electric Code. Individuals click on the document for review and then choose the free access link below the main document title. Users then sign in with a valid email address and a password at least six characters long to create a profile to see the read-only format of the National Electric Code. Individuals must also give information, such as name, industry, address and phone number, to gain access to the free version. The final step of the process involves validating the email address. .

The National Electric Code, also known as NFPA 70, is used in all 50 states as the standard for the safe design and installation of electrical devices and wiring. Electricians that follow the National Electric Code protect people and property from potential electrical hazards. The NFPA website offers quizzes, videos and educational materials for people to learn important aspects of the code. The normal price of the 2014 version of NFPA 70 in paper is $95, and much of the NFPA’s funding comes from the sale of hard copies of various code books.