Can You Find the Name of a Property Owner by the Address?

Property ownership is public record, and ownership documents are recorded in the county clerk and recorder’s office and can be looked up by the property’s address. Often the clerk and recorder’s records are also available and searchable online.

The Clerk and Recorder’s office maintains all ownership document records for properties, including transfer/sale information, financing deeds and foreclosure notices, each of which list the property owner’s name. In addition to the Recorder’s office, the county Tax Assessor offices also maintain real estate tax records for properties and those documents also list the owner of the property in addition to the amount of tax assessed and the property valued assigned by the Assessor. Tax Assessor records for most counties are also available and searchable online. Some properties are owned by business entities rather than individuals. In those cases, a search of the Secretary of State’s business records may reveal the name of the owner or agent of the business.