Where Can You Find Mug Shots From Chesapeake City Jail?

VineLink allows the public to search the custody status of inmates serving in Virginia’s local and regional jails, including in Chesapeake City. VineLink also provides photos of offenders for all county and city jails in Virginia that participate in the VineLink program. The VineLink website is part of Virginia’s VINE service, which was constructed to help keep the public informed about incarcerated offenders.

VINE stands for victim information and Location Everyday. The system is designed to give crime victims a way to easily track the status of their offender. In order to receive automatic notifications, the victims must register as the victim on record with the Virginia Department of Corrections. Details on this process are available on the website. VineLink does not provide any historical data on offenders, or track offenders once they have been released.

In order to search for mug shots on VineLink, the facility where the inmate is contained must first be searched, and then enter the inmate’s name or offender ID. In addition to photos, information can be accessed regarding the status of current inmates, including when an offender will be released. Local and state jails also provide the website with automatic notification when an offender is released, transferred, escapes, dies, or has a parole-based event.