Where Can I Make My Own Pokémon Cards?

Pokémon cards can be made using templates found on websites such as Mypokecard.com or Pokecard.net. The user enters in the required information, uploads an image and prints. Any type of card can be made this way, including Stage 2 and Prime cards.

Templates are available for every card style. With the right template, a user can recreate a vintage card or give a new look to a modern card. Because the user controls all of the card’s details, it’s easy to recreate cards using unique Pokémon designs rather than being restricted to the official ones.

The generators also come preloaded with official icons. The user can add the correct energy, Poke-Body and Poke-Energy symbols to the card. These are in the template and appear as they do on a regular card. Fonts are also built into the template.

After the card is fully designed, it can be printed. Cards have a greater thickness than paper, so pasting the printout to an actual card provides best results. This helps the card feel real and blend into a deck.

Once the user has finished printing, the card can be saved as an image. This allows the user to reuse it or print it out again in the future.