How Can You Make Your Own Hydroseed Mixes?

To make a hydroseed mixture, combine wood mulch or cellulose fiber and a tackifier with fertilizer and grass seed, and spread the mixture onto the lawn. Use a wood-fiber mulch that is designed for residential use, and choose grass seed that grows well in the region. Choose a fertilizer that is appropriate for the soil type. Add lime to the mix if soil tests indicate acidic soil, and mix the mulch with cellulose fibers, if desired.

To apply the hydroseed mixture, combine the ingredients in a tank that connects to a garden hose, and mix the ingredients well. Use the hose to spread the mixture evenly over the desired area. Water the lawn frequently after applying the mixture.

Another option is to combine shredded paper and a mixture of 2 cups of water and 3 cups of flour. Place the paper in a bucket, pour the flour and water mixture over the paper, and stir until the paper is coated in the mixture. Mix in a tablespoon each of grass seed and organic fertilizer, and place the hydroseed in a 1/2-inch layer on the desired area.

Use non-glossy paper, such as newspaper, to make the mix. When hydroseeding fields or other large, open areas, add wildflower seeds to the mixture to diversify the appearance of the property.