How Can You Make Your Car Exhaust Louder?

There are a number of ways to make a vehicle’s exhaust system sound louder, including adding exhaust tips, replacing the muffler with an aftermarket brand designed to amplify the sound and replacing the rubber mounts on the exhaust pipe with welded metal hangers. If done correctly, these modifications will make the exhaust system sound louder, but will not compromise its ability to safely exhaust engine gases.

Many individuals wish to make modifications to their vehicle’s exhaust systems to amplify the sound. An amplified sound will make the engine sound more powerful, and there are a number of aftermarket products that are designed to safely increase the volume of the exhaust system.

  1. Exhaust tips
  2. Exhaust tips are the cheapest and easiest way to amplify a vehicle’s exhaust. Attach the exhaust tip to the end of the exhaust pipe to effectively create a type of “whistle”. The tips easily clamp onto the end of the exhaust pipe.

  3. Amplifying mufflers
  4. Replace the vehicle’s stock muffler with one of the mufflers on the market that are designed to amplify sound.

  5. Replace the rubber exhaust pipe mounts with welded metal mounts
  6. Many exhaust pipes are held on with rubber mounts that deaden the sound of the exhaust. These mounts can be replaced with metal mounts that will help the exhaust system vibrate and allow the sound to resonate louder. Remove the exhaust tubing and detach the old rubber mounts. Then, reattach the tubing in the same place with welded metal hangers.