Where Can Low Income Individuals Go to Receive Free Tooth Implants?

Low-income patients can receive free dental implants through a selection of non-profit organizations, grants, and dentistry schools. Among the most common sources of free dental implants are schools of dentistry that providing teaching clinics such as the California Implant Institute, Dentistry From the Heart and Cosmetic Dentistry Grants.

Major dentistry schools offer free and low cost treatment as part of the training process for new dentists. The California Implant Institute provides free implants to qualified candidates at events throughout the year that help dentists to learn and improve their skills. Patients receive treatment free in return for allowing a dentist to perfect the procedure. Contact a local university or college that includes a school of dentistry to find out what programs they offer, as some have free clinics.

Dentistry From the Heart is a non-profit organization that provides free dental care including implants on a travelling basis, so it may require waiting for the service to arrive locally. Interested parties can also apply for a grant from the Cosmetic Dentistry Grants organization to receive money for dental implants. Because space and funds are often limited, patients may encounter long waits and applications processes in order to qualify for free dental implants.