How Can You Lose 60 Pounds in Two Months?

A person with stable weight wanting to lose 60 pounds in two months would have to create a deficit of 3,500 calories per day through diet and exercise, explains WebMD. Eliminating 3,500 calories a day in food alone is possible if a person already eats more than 4,550 calories each day.

Weight loss should only be between 2 and 3 pounds per week after the first week, warns WebMD. The first week may be jumpstarted by eliminating specific foods, such as salts and starches, which reduces excess water weight and could reduce weight by up to 5 pounds. Long-term diets limit salts, starches and animal fats while reducing overall calorie consumption. The lowest recommended caloric intake is 1,050 calories, and eating less than this amount can be dangerous.

Dieting alone is less effective than using a combination of diet and exercise, according to WebMD. To create the necessary caloric deficit, one could complete an intense three-hour workout each day to burn calories. Intense workouts include swimming, CrossFit and interval training, which includes warm-up exercises and a series of sprints, squats, weight lifting, push-ups, jumping jacks and cool-down exercises.

Before attempting a weight loss, diet and exercise program, a person should consult a doctor to ascertain how to do these things safely.