How Can You Look up a Chrysler Part Number?

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Chrysler part numbers can be found on websites that sell Chrysler parts. The number can be found by using search tools for the make, model and year of vehicle, then specifying the group or system to which the part belongs. has a part lookup. Enter year and model, driveline, trim level, and the category to which the part belongs. A breakdown of parts in that category is displayed. Selecting the parts category displays a list of parts with part numbers. The page also shows an illustration of the parts group, which is keyed to the list. The site also has a search tool to find a part by entering the part number. has a similar search. The home page features a search by year, make and model, which returns a list of Chrysler models and trim levels. Clicking on the model displays a list of systems or parts groups. Selecting the parts category displays a list of parts with part numbers, as well as a keyed illustration.

Almost all Chrysler parts have part numbers printed on them. Numbers can appear as seven numerals. A series of two letters and a dash followed by two numbers and three numerals may appear on interior parts. A series of nine numbers with two dashes are Chrysler book part numbers, and can be looked up in Chrysler printed materials. An exception is Mopar Performance catalog numbers, which are seven digits.