How Can You Locate Someone Who Lives in Mexico?

Tom Schmucker/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Locate people in Mexico through the Telmex white pages or by using a professional service, such as a private investigator or an attorney local to the person’s area. The search process is easier if you have the person’s name and location.

To search in the Telmex national white pages, go to the company’s official website. Sign up on the site to gain access to their directory. Use the name of the municipality, region or state that the person to be located lives in to narrow down the search, and enter the person’s first and last name into the search engine. When you have a list of people with the same or similar names, call up the people listed. Sometimes the people found are closely-related family members that may be able to help direct you to the person you are looking for.

When using a professional service, check the Telmex yellow pages for investigators available in a given area. Be sure to ask about success rates and whether the investigator does locating work like this. There are not many government regulations for this type of work, so be sure to do your research on any professional you hire. Although it does cost money, this method of locating someone tends to be more reliable than using an online directory.