Where Can You Find a List of the Values of Ty Beanie Babies?

Dominique Godbout/CC-BY-2.0

The best place to find current information on the value of various Ty Beanie Babies is eBay, according to Tycollector.com. Auction listings on eBay reflect what current buyers are willing to pay for beanies, which provides sellers and buyers with more accurate information than online and paper value guides.

To find current values using eBay, search eBay for “Ty Beanie Babies,” and scroll down the page, clicking either the completed listings box or sold listings box. This brings up a listing of recent sales. It is also possible to browse open listings to ascertain value. However, according to About.com, collectors should use caution when viewing high list prices for beanies on eBay and other online sites. High price listings for beanies do not reflect what the market is willing to pay. Beanies of higher value commonly sell for up to four figures. Listings of five and six figures are deemed unrealistic.

As noted by Ty Beanie Baby expert collectors, value listings for beanies are often unreliable. The collectors market is fluid, and value listings quickly become obsolete. A majority of beanies are not worth anything on the aftermarket. Instead of selling beanies, some collectors find alternative ways to enjoy them.