Where Can You Find a List of People Who Bowled 300-Point Games?

The Pro Bowlers Association has compiled a list of 300-game bowlers. Jack Biondolillo rolled the first perfect game on live television while competing during the Firestone Tournament of Champions in 1967.

In 2009, pro bowler Wes Malott rolled two 300-point games in a five-week period. Rhino Page bowled a perfect game as part of the 2009 Japan Cup, also televised live. Johnny Petraglia, who has 48 career 300 games, bowled a 300 as part of the 1994 PBA National Championship.

The youngest person (as of 2014) to bowl a 300 game was 10-year-old Chaz Dennis from Columbus, Ohio. The oldest was a 90-year-old bowler from Fullerton, Calif., according to the United States Bowling Congress. At the age of 15, Pete Weber established a record by rolling a 300 in his first USBC-certified adult league game on his way to 27 pro titles.