Where Can You Find a List of CNN Journalists?

tinkerbrad/CC-BY 2.0

CNN’s website maintains an updated list of all journalists, reporters and anchors currently in the employ of the network and investigating stories either on the news or in the field. This list provides a series of image links to the many journalists who work with CNN, letting searchers filter through them.

Each link on the anchors and reporters page directs searchers to the biography of the journalist in question. This lets searchers learn about the lives and professional accomplishments of the people delivering their news, and lets them find out which journalists work for which affiliates of the national network.

Information contained in the bios for each journalist includes both personal experiences and stories in which they played a significant role. The ability to track the careers of each journalist lets searchers view their professional accomplishments and gain access to their written work and to archival footage of their reporting for CNN.

CNN employs many journalists and sees new people come and go on a regular basis. The list is updated to reflect arrivals and departures so that it always portrays the actual roster of reporters and journalists employed by CNN and working to report the news along that network’s guidelines and cultural objectives.