Where Can You Find Instructions for the “Twilight” Board Game?

Instructions on how to play the “Twilight” board game are found in the box when you purchase the game. The maker of the game, Cardinal Industries, also posts instructions for different games they make and sell on their website; however, instructions for the “Twilight” board game are not posted.

The “Twilight” board game relates directly to the “Twilight” movie that, in turn, relates directly to the first book in the “Twilight” series authored by Stephanie Meyer.

The movie is the basis for the board game. Players must reveal details about different scenes and engage in scene interplays with fellow players in order to collect scene cards and advance through the board. A total of 200 scene cards come with the game, giving players a chance to show their knowledge about the movie, characters and minute movie details. All scene cards relate to events in the movie and not on details from the book. The player who is first to collect a total of eight scene cards wins.

Some customers have found the instructions to be inadequate, lacking clarity and often being misleading while others have found that continual play through trial and error aid in understanding, completing and finding entertainment in the game.

There are also board games available for both the “New Moon” and “Eclipse” movies, which are available as the Twilight Trilogy game set.