How Can You Identify Turner Wall Accessories?

Some Turner wall accessories have the words “This is a Turner Wall Accessory” written on the back of them. Turner wall accessories can also be identified by their unique airbrush, watercolor or retro style. Many of the Turner art pieces feature birds, flowers, jungle cats and scenic images.

Turner Manufacturing Company commissioned various artists to create paintings as well as other home decor items, such as mirrors and frames. These items were created in the thousands and weren’t considered very valuable when they were first sold, according to Value This Now. Since a variety of largely unknown artists created the artworks, there is often a lot of confusion about the origin of Turner artwork. Most of the artwork has survived over the years because the pieces were primarily made of plastic and other man-made materials, making them resistant to light, heat and moisture damage.

Values for some Turner art pieces have gone up considerably since they were first produced. A Turner painting that was modified by the artist Max Fleshman may have sold for less than $50 in its original form. At auction, however, it was sold for $1,500. Other Turner wall accessories, such as mirrors or shelves, frequently sell for less than $100. The Turner Manufacturing company went out of business in the 1970s.